Pigtail Hat 2.0 Gold

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Pigtail Hat 2.0 Gold

Gold = Treasure.  It's also the colors of team Instinct.  You're the peacemaker.  You're the one who brings everyone together.  And you look awesome in gold!  Every princess should have a crown.  Crowns aren't fashionable these days, but you'll be the cutest trainer out there in this baby!

This unique style is not carried anywhere else. There is no hairstyle that is so universally “girl” as pigtails or twintails. There is even a day in Japan set aside for celebrating the hairstyle (February 2nd, or 2/2). Our new hats allow girls to wear pigtails in three styles: high-sides, high-back, and low-back (commonly worn in braids). No other hats will allow girls to wear high pigtails with the hat.

Add this one to your treasure trove today!


Harlequin Hats is the first for profit business created under the auspices of The Inherit Initiative.  Our products are 100% the finest twill, hand spun for you from straw by gnomes and then sewn into our subtle, yet distinctive designs by elves in Lothlorien, (except for any brass parts - those come from the dwarfs living near the Ramtops, of course.)  Whether you're a perky goth, you want to wear a hat that Harley Quinn might wear, or you just don't care and think it looks cute, we're here for you!

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